Before I met Sureiya I felt frustrated and lacked confidence with anything to do with iPhones, iPads and computers but she has lightened the path for me and made it all less daunting. Thank you Sureiya for your gift to me.
Maureen Roux


Are you a new user of any Apple products or maybe you fall into the category of ‘technically challenged’?  If you fall into either of these categories, then Sureiya Moten of Macnified is the person you need to call.  She trained in England and Sydney and unlike  the help/ training you get from most Apple outlets, Sureiya offers a totally personalized service, geared to your level of competence. In addition, instead of being ‘told’ how to do things, you actually ‘do’ things yourself under Sureiya’s supervision which really helps reinforce the learning. Su will also set up your new Apple products, download your files/ music etc. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Keith & Anne Bonynge


Sue is a wonderful teacher, I have learnt so much from her.   Even the silliest questions she tackles them with patience and makes sure I understand how to do it.  Very approachable and knowledgeable.  I found her to be professional and is up to date with new developments in the iMac field. Really enjoy having her to teach me.
Shamim Karim


We were introduced to Sureiya many years ago as a person who would help us with our Apple products and our computer system set ups. Well Su as we call her is so much more than a person who knows computers! She is the most patient teacher, she is knowledgeable in all aspects of our modern world of smart phones and products and photography and websites and apps and tips and even banking! She is extremely versatile, kind and charming. Many IT people have the knowledge but are unable to teach it, Su has a gift as well as the knowledge.  I have recommended her to many people and will continue to do so.
Marilyn and Graeme Naylor


Sureiya has helped me enormously with my Apple products. She is a very patient teacher, and there aren’t many people her age who have the gift of being able to impart knowledge to clients who weren’t raised in the same’ tech savvy’ era. Sureiya has filled this gap, as there aren’t too many people around who are prepared to teach ‘oldies’ like me, and she has a gentle way of building confidence. We started first by getting comfortable with my iPhone and iPad.  Because Sureiya inspired me, I then bought an Apple MacBook , and I never thought I could be so comfortable with a machine! I have learned so many things, to find my way around a power point presentation, even to edit movies and video clips for work presentations. I wasn’t very literate to begin with, so she had a lot of initial basics to cover. I still have lots to learn, and am so glad I found Sureiya.
Heather Carroll


I have always found Sue helpful,patient and goes the extra mile to accommodate her clients. Can only highly recommend.
Denise Wynick